Hotel Le Zenith

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Yopougon Quartier Maroc. Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire


Zenith hotel is a privately owned company that was started out of passion. It focuses on creating and operating tastefully designed luxury hotel bedrooms.
Our goal has always been to achieve the very highest standard, to take good care of our guests by providing highest customer satisfaction through services and to achieve commercial success.
We intend to achieve all these by; 
- Recognising and meeting the needs of our guests
- Building a very strong staff – customer relationship
- Providing quality services
Zenith Hotel is extremely particular about the designs of the interior that the owner is personally involved in every aspect of the creation of different concepts of the interior designs and decorations.
We recognise the fact that there is an increasing demand for creativity, originality, personal care, attention and uniqueness in hospitality business. So hotels that are going to be successful are the ones that recognise the fact that things are changing and guests’ expectations are becoming higher.
Zenith Hotel is ready to accommodate these intelligent and smart guests that are bored of the same old traditional way of doing things.


Yopougon, Abidjan
Yopougon Quartier Maroc. Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire

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