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Lower School
Lower School (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 5)
The Lower School Program at ICSA serves students in grades PreK-5. The Lower School at ICSA  begins with Pre-Kindergarten and goes up to grade five. Students who are four years of age as of September 30th may be eligible for placement in the Pre-Kindergarten program. 
One of ICSA's intellectual objectives is to promote the desire to learn, the awareness that learning is a life-long process, and the recognition that there are a wide variety of resources for learning. Therefore, the lower school focuses on the total development of each child and provides many opportunities for personal and academic growth in a nurturing, structured environment. 
Our program is experiential. Children learn new concepts and skills through their class work.
Projects, long-term assignments, and group work often require students to work together through a process that eventually results in a final product. A very important part of this experiential process is the time provided by teachers for students to edit and reflect upon their work.
Reading comprehension is very important in a child's learning process. In order to understand and learn new things, students must be able to comprehend what they read, so they know how to obtain information and/or apply concepts to their learning process. In the lower school, teachers are using guided reading programs to enhance students' reading comprehension. Students expand their reading by using the online program RAZ-Kids. Students are also encouraged to write on a daily basis, using a journal. We use the 6+1 Writing Traits to assess students' writing in the lower school.  At the beginning and the end of the year, students are given writing assessments  to assess how their writing is progressing.
We use the Math in Focus (Singapore Math) program. This program has three basic elements: Concrete: concepts are introduced through hands-on experiences with manipulatives. Pictorial: students visualize the concept and represent it pictorially through models like number bonds and bar models. Abstract: Students use only abstract numbers and symbols when they have enough context to understand what they mean.
A hands-on approach is used in science. Social Studies is taught from global perspective because of the diverse group of students we serve. 
There is an honor roll program for students in grades four and five. Homeroom teachers also select a Student of the Month, and the students are awarded a certificate from the principal if they meet the  selection criteria.
The philosophy of the lower school program is to provide the best strategies to the individual student through programs that are flexible and challenging. The students have enriched Music, PE, and IT/ Library programs. French is the language of the host country and all students in the Lower School have French instruction.


Riviera 3, Cocody, Abidjan
Boulevard Arsène Usher Assouan Road, Riveria III

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